Lorraine Oades

Lorraine Oades’s sculpture/installation works incorporate time-based media such as sound, video and film in order to invite viewers to engage physically with the work and explore their own creative potential. For Oades, art making is a performance-based activity, where the process of time is implicit in the final artwork. Early works like the Diane Piano and Fuse use multi-track audio technologies and multiple tape-recorders to examine three-dimensional aspects of sound. Her recent work explores the use of musical instruments as physical interfaces that the viewer can play to control multi-channel video.In addition to her art practice Oades has initiated a number of curatorial/collaborative projects that emphasize alternative forms of public intervention, such as site-specific art exhibitions and events aimed at addressing timely social concerns from a local perspective. She has co-founded several artist groups, the most recent of which, Cut Rate Collective, has just published USED/Goods, a bilingual book based on the project of the same name that took place at the Montreal Salvation Army Thrift Store. The book and exhibition consider the social significance of artists’ use of everyday objects in real world environments where audiences have little or no knowledge of contemporary art. Oades’s work has been included in exhibitions across Canada and internationally. She teaches in the Intermedia/Cyberarts program at Concordia University.