Melinda Rackham

Melinda Rackham is an artist and writer residing in east coast Australia, who has worked online in her domain, with digital image and poetic and theoretical hypertextual narrative since 1995.

Her web sites, carrier – viral symbiosis in the virtual and biological domains; – a poetic journey through fragmentary digital landscapes; tunnel – the exploration of the slimey arenas of cybersexual practice; and line – an elegant investigation of location, intimacy and virtual identity; have been included in Arco Electronico, Being Digital, Fusion, Shrinking Worlds, Foldback, Arts_Edge, Beyond Interface, Comtec Art99 and Utopia.

Rackham is currently a Phd Candidate in Virtual Media at COFA, UNSW; contributes texts to art and culture publications; is an active participant on and theory mailing lists; and occasionally lectures on gender, virtual community and Recent conference presentations include Polar Circuit in Finland, Contagion in Australia, and Invencao -Thinking the Next Millenium in Brazil.