Mitsiko Miller

Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, of a Québecois father and a Japanese mother, Mitsiko Miller is a rebel child of the world who does not like to do things the way they are supposed to be done. What else would you expect from someone coming from a family of eccentrics? Since the early ’90s, Mitsiko has been interested in the musicality of words (oral literature) as well as interdisciplinarity. For her, nothing is definite: her artistic process, though always inspired by oral traditions, constantly incorporates new elements. Her work is thus in continuous progress. She has read transgenic texts, coupling the two official languages (a sacrilege!), produced writing combining the literary with street jargon, as well as strange monologues and sound poems using movement… Her hybrid style and dynamic scenic approach, have earned her an uncontested reputation on the literary scene. She is known for her cynical ideas and black humor. She is published in ICI and Night Life and in other literary ventures. Her main passions are words, electronic music and people. According to her Montreal, her adopted city for over 25 years, is a bubbling laboratory of ideas where, in spite of her busy schedule, she manages to observe her subjects: old ladies, little girls, dogs, machos, nuts and even lepers… Why? because they ARE the source of her inspiration and of her humorous critique of interpersonal relationships and social values. Over the years, Mitsiko has been active in the oral literature milieu, organizing her own spoken word presentations, La Vache Enragée (1995-1999), producing books and CDs and covering the scene in the media (Mirror, ICI et CBC). But nowadays Mitsiko prefers to dedicate most of her time to creation. Having completed her first book (Le Coeur en Orbite, 1999) and a web project with photographer Eva Quintas (Carnages, 1999) she is currently preparing a multidisciplinary performance with musician DJ RAM incorporating spoken word, visual elements and sound (summer 2000).