Nina Czegledy

Nina Czegledy is an independent media artist, curator and writer, who has collaborated on international projects, produced digital works, and lead and participated in workshops, forums and festivals. Electromagnetic Bodies, Digitized Bodies Virtual Spectacles, and the Aurora projects reflect her interests in art, science, and technology and focus on the changing perception of the human body.
Czegledy has curated over 20 digital art/video programs presented in more than 35 countries and initiated Points of Entry, the first Canada/Australia/New Zealand digital arts collaboration. Her academic lectures lead to numerous publications in books and journals in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Czegledy’s interest in wearable technologies is reflected by her research and lectures in Europe and Canada, publications concerning garment-based interfaces and wearable tools, and participation in the wearable events including moderating the Conjuring Bodies panel at ISEA2004. Czegledy is the president of Critical Media, a Canadian based knowledge institute, curator of the Canada Digital Culture map, and an active member of the Leonardo SpaceArt Network. Nina Czegledy is the current chair of the Inter Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA).