Noémi McComber

Noémi McComber’s work deals with the ways in which people occupy spaces in relation to physical and social boundaries. She is interested in the element out of place, which disturbs regular schemes of expectancy. She uses drawing, photography, performance and video to examine what is desired in relation to what is prescribed. Redefining the boundaries of what is permitted, allowed or acceptable, the space she works in is set as a serious playground, where constraints are considered and rules reinterpreted. Noémi McComber completed a Masters in visual and media arts at Chelsea College of Art (University of the Arts London, UK) in 2002. Since then, she has been actively involved in artistic and curatorial projects, working in a multidisciplinary and collaborative way. Her work has been shown in Russia, Finland, Germany, the UK, Colombia, Spain, France and Denmark. In 2013 she is presenting new video works at Optica Centre for Contemporary Art in Montreal, in a solo show entitled Mise en échec. Her work will also be shown in Cardiff (Wales, UK) and in Pereira (Columbia). She lives and works in Montreal.