Valérie Cordy

Valérie Cordy, born in 1968, is artistic director of the Cri ASBL. In 1994, she graduated from the Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle. Valérie worked as a professional stage director until the attacks of September 11th, after which, according to Erwin Piscator, the theatre became mediated by “the newspaper.” She began then to implement digital technology within her shows and experiments (as well as performances and installations). On numerous sets with Edward Bond, Henry Bauchau, Cofion Alain Gomez, and Suzanne Lebeau, Valérie added the creation of collective MeTAmorphoZ’; digital writing with her conference-performance SPAM; a Constellations body of work including about 25 thematic creations, such as Les astronautes immobiles and APREM/Exploration(s), a testing device designed to bring together digital, performing, and visual artists, scientists, researchers, and theorists. The Ultimate Company was established in the Summer Meetings of the Chartreuse 2010, in collaboration with Jean-Claude Dargeant.