Zoe Beloff

Zoe works with a variety of cinematic imagery; film, stereoscopic projection performance, and interactive media. Her projects are philosophical toys, objects to think with and through, more or less tangible. Her desire to communicate with the spirits of the past led her back to early cinema uncovering links between nineteenth century technologies and the digital realm.

This led to the production of her first interactive film on CD-ROM, BEYOND. Zoe has also worked with artists from other disciplines. In 1997 she was invited by the Wooster Group theater company, to create the CD-ROM WHERE THERE THERE THERE WHERE, inspired by Gertrude Stein’s play DOCTOR FAUSTUS LIGHTS THE LIGHTS. More recently Zoe has been working with sound artist Ken Montgomery on A MECHANICAL MEDIUM, a projection performance inspired by Thomas Edison’s search for an apparatus to communicate with the dead. She is currently in production with SHADOWLAND OR LIGHT FROM THE OTHER SIDE, a 3D film based on the based on the 1897 autobiography of Elizabeth D’Espérance, a materialization medium who could produce full body apparitions.

Her work has been exhibited internationally. Venues include, MOMA, Rotterdam Film festival, Pacific Film Archives, the Pompidou Center and the Whitney Museum Biennial.