As part of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche, the XX Files present Riding the Wave, a networked and collaborative durational performance that mimics a radio festival. The programming gathers 12 hours of live interviews, panel discussions, pre-recorded sound art, radio drama and music.

Discussion topics and interview subjects will range widely but will seek to engage the audience and participants on ideas surrounding the themes of intersectional feminisms, counter-cultural movements in art, music, and politics, the role of women in relation to technology as well as ways to build and be active within a community.

This project promotes radio as a mean of communication and as its own art form. With an experimental spirit, Riding the Wave features material and approaches not already catered to by the mainstream.

Live, in studio performances by: Elena Stoodley, Unromantic, Skin Tone, Sœur Acéphale, Malek Yalaoui, Nat Navi, and more