“In Black Womxn Temporal Portal, the virtual mingles with the IRL, forming an Afrofuturist sanctuary where black female, female and non-binary bodies can finally belong. Past, present and future dimensions are incorporated into a timeless vortex, forming a capsule where the mystical memory of a still speculative future can be forged.” Marilou Craft

A sanctuary means a safe place. In the Black Womxn Temporal Portal, we see futures and pasts where “black female, female and non-binary bodies finally belong” and are safe. The portal reminds us that time does not just move in a straight line. It is possible to connect with the past and future in new ways. What stories make you who you are? What kind of futures do you see for yourself?


Think about an elder in your life. What do you know about their history? If they live with you, find a quiet spot together and ask them to tell you a part of their life story. Or, call them on the phone or video chat. If they agree, take notes, or set up a phone or computer to record the conversation. Maybe they will want to tell you about their childhood, or something important that happened to them – like immigrating, or getting their first job, or meeting their best friends. Maybe they lived through something difficult, and they want you to know about this part of their history. Ask if they have photos or objects to share.  


Find some drawing and collage tools (scrap paper, glue, scissors); you can also try Mural, GIMP or Tinkercad for this activity. Imagine it is 2080 (that’s in 60 years). Where will you live? What kind of neighbourhood will your home be in? Will you live in a city – in a forest – on a boat? Try making a map of this place. Imagine yourself there in detail, as if you are recalling a memory. Who do you live with? How do you spend your time? What kind of technologies do you use?



What would you put in a time capsule of your life right now? Take photos, draw, or write about the items that are most important to you. Or, try Mural, GIMP, or Tinkercad. What makes you feel strong and safe? What reminds you of your best memories? They might be things that other people would recognize as special, like a family photo or valuable object, or they might be items that have a secret meaning just for you. 

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