Sylvie Laplante

Key words : making kin, mutations, Gaïa-Earth, Humus, carrier-bag

“Making kinship in the Chthulucene” With what will we be allied? Curiosity towards our coming alliances : our bodies will change and these multiple mutations will be the landscape of life on Gaïa-Earth which will carry us and nourish us with the “humusities” that we already are. A conversation with Émilie Mouchous, carrier of the bag of sound recordings and exchanges collected in situ with all the participants.

Sylvie finds her studio in very long journeys on foot, by bike, by boat… that she undertakes like paths of enigmas, to be elucidated and reconstructed by various propositions and forms : lines, sounds, time, maps of encounters, these are invitations to follow the path again and to carry on further the exploration of a story, always continued and renewed.