David Still

David Still is an identity donor who offers his personality online to anybody who wants to be him. A recent emigrant to Almere, Netherlands, 32 years old, David Still works as an IT Consultant for a small but expanding start-up business that specializes in communication systems. David Still is both the artist and the artwork, a cyber-persona created by an artist who built his personality, chose his image and maintains his story. In May 2002, the F.A.A.Q. (Frequently Asked and Answered Questions) was inaugurated. This self-reflective part of the site requires that visitors both ask and answer the questions, highlighting the fact that each visitor is indeed playing the role of David Still, and thus has the authority to reply to other visitor’s pressing questions, providing amusing and taunting responses. In March 2003, David Still had the opportunity to introduce his real life to his online existence. Hosted by the Cargo gallery in Almere’s De Realiteit neighborhood (home to David’s blue house), David Still celebrated his birthday, surrounded by family, friends and secret admirers. He was nominated for a Webby Award in 2003, and in 2004, he was the recipient of the CYNETart Award 2004 at the CYNETart Festival in Dresden, Germany.