Stay-At-Home Activities | Intimate Ecology #1

With the event Queer Sexting Party, Kinga Michalska created a space for participants to explore the unique intimacies available through digitally mediated spaces. In the essay accompanying the event Hannah Kaya wrote, “When we take time to slow down; engage deliberately with each other; and linger, perhaps awkwardly at first, in sustained mutual pleasure, digital technologies can help us to practice our communication and establish braver, more fantastical bonds.”  

What strategies for digital intimacy are you exploring or relying on during this period of physical distancing?

What are some ways in which the internet enables intimacy with others? Creates or strengthens communities? How might this change during times of crisis?


Can intimacy and its accompanying associations help us expand our awareness of ecological interdependence? How?

What characterizes feminist (networks of) intimacy during times of crisis (and all the time)?

More from our files!

Take a look at this photo gallery to see the different ways in which Queer Sexting Party participants built intimate ecologies both on and offline.
  • 2020EVS32036O | Gallery
    Photos of Kinga Michalska’s queer sexting party on February 14th, 2020 at Studio XX. Participants started by sharing their sexting strategies, questions and insecurities in a community discussion setting, before starting an encrypted online group discussion in which they could anonymously send texts, photos, videos, audio recordings, GIFs and emojis


Each week, explore projects from our archives through two series of conversation starters and DIY experiments. Our series for families introduces projects which help us find new ways of being together and being at home during this period of physical distancing, with activities to try and questions to ask each other. Our series for the general public brings together projects from our archives which have explored various kinds of intimate ecologies, and prompts reflection and conversation to nourish our collective imagination.