Access Guide – Progression

This document provides visitors to Ada X information about the space before their visit. It was developed for the exhibition Progression, presented by Salima Punjani from April 22 to May 21 2021.

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How to get there

Ada X is located at 4001 Berri Street, #201, H2L 4H2 Montreal, QC. The closest metro stations are Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal on the Orange line. Bus lines 24, 97, 31, 29 are also nearby. It is possible to reserve STM paratransit via this link or at 514 280-8211.

What to do before visiting

Before coming to the exhibition, reserve a time slot online via the following link

Entry is free. Only one reservation is possible per time slot. Each reservation is for one person, or several people in the same bubble.

Because of COVID-19, visitors should bring their own headphones to interact with the works in the exhibition.

You can find more information about the artist’s approach and the exhibition via the following link:

Access to the space

Ada X entrée extérieure / external entrance

There are three steps to enter the building. The front door opens by being pulled towards the street. This entrance is not wheelchair accessible.

Ada X is located on the second floor after two sets of 10 steps with a landing in the middle, for a total of 20 steps.

Once on the second floor, turn left. The gallery entrance is at the end of the hallway on your right.
A seating area for the public, with two armchairs and a coffee table, is located just outside the gallery entrance.

Bathroom access

There is a bathroom outside the gallery, on the same floor as Ada X. It is not wheelchair accessible.

In the gallery

Pamphlets in English or French are available at the door of the gallery with more information about the work presented. We invite visitors to keep their copy.

The artist will be at the gallery on Thursday evenings and Saturday April 24 and May 8, to accompany visitors as they navigate the space.

During our opening hours, Ada X team members will be available to answer your questions as needed. You are welcome to walk behind the curtain to talk to them about the exhibition.

Engaging with the artwork

Progression consists of 3 multisensory lightboxes that share the stories of people with multiple sclerosis.

You can either use your own mobile device (cell phone, tablet) to explore the exhibition, or we have iPads you can use. We ask that you bring your own headphones. If you are unable to do so, we have headphones available at the space. Everything will be sanitized to ensure COVID-19 safety.

On each box, there is a QR code which you can scan with your mobile device by pointing your camera at the code. This will open an MP3 audio file with the story of the person featured on the box.
You’ll notice the boxes and pillows are vibrating. This is to symbolize the brainwaves recorded while each person was telling their story to the artist, Salima.
Unlike other exhibitions, you are welcome and encouraged to touch and hold the pillows and boxes.

There are wood carved photographs of the people sharing their stories. You can touch these. They are the same photograph featured on the back of the box.

Thank you for your visit!