À nos prothèses | goldjian


Residency from April 11th to June 6th 2023
At Ada X

À nos prothèses interrogates the relationships between intimacy, conviviality, dispossession and (in)accessibility towards our “ordinary” prosthetics. The residency is a collaboration between Véro Leduc, a deaf artist, Carlos Parra, a blind artist and goldjian, a neurodiverse artist. The project represents an opportunity to explore issues of inclusion and cultural citizenship of people with disabilities beyond accessibility. The collective centres their explorations around the question of “us,” as in: Who speaks? Who thinks? Who contributes to the reflection and to the reappropriation of the prosthetics being discussed in the project? The artists approach inclusion by focusing on the conditions of “thought by” and “thought for.” They will explore ways to make visible, audible, and sensitive their respective prosthetics (auditory, ocular, dental, etc.) as well as their prosthetic identities by using narratives through the mediums of video, media arts and sound arts.