Conference | Unwarned : An Invitation To Montreal “Action Heroes”


Studio XX, in partnership with Concordia University, presents:

Unwarned : An Invitation To Montreal ‘Action Heroes’ by Jasmeen Patheja | Co creating safe spaces through self and community mobilisation

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 from 6PM to 8PM
At Concordia University, (EV-1.605) Engineering/Visual Arts Pavilion | Room EV-1.605 | 1515 Ste. Catherine Street West Montréal. Metro Guy-Concordia
Concordia University and Studio XX have the pleasure of presenting an artist talk with Jasmeen Patheja (Bangalore, India). Patheja is known for her bold and provocative interventions, aiming to challenging the denial and apathy that allows sexual harassment, eve-teasing, and violence toward women to remain normative practices in contemporary societies.

For more than a decade, Patheja has claimed the public space with other women. For example in 2004 she launched Blank Noise, a growing international network of individuals across India and globally who commit to building safe spaces and challenging sexual harassment.

Working with many other individuals she has produced public interventions, videos, installations, murals, posters, and performances with the objective of instigating attitudinal changes, for example they have organized talks with strangers about “eve-teasing” in the streets, but they also have created memes, posters, and murals to counter gender stereotypes. Importantly, Patheja has reclaimed the internet as a public space: without the internet, the actions in the streets she organizes could not take place; at the same time, without actually taking up the streets, activist interventions would stay within comfort zone of internet users (most of them middle-class) and would not reach people inhabiting the streets.

Patheja’s militant use of both, online and offline spaces to change social behaviors is an inspiration to Studio XX! With this event, Concordia University joins in the celebration of Studio XX’s 20th Anniversary.

Studio XX sincerely thanks Concordia University for their support as partners of this event, generously sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Institute for Urban Futures, and the Departments of Communication Studies, Design and Computation Arts, Studio Arts, Art History and Creative Arts Therapies.

This talk is part of I Never Ask For It series.


Workshop “Being Action Hero :: Co Creating I Never Ask For It”
With Jasmeen Patheja
Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 from 6PM to 9PM
10 $ (Free for Studio XX members) | Registration :