.dpi 17 Launch: “Adherence: Messy Resistance”


***alt_N.O.R.D will also feature the launch of Studio XX’s electronic journal .dpi #17!***

Saturday, February 27, 2010 4:30-6:30PM
PARC DE LA PAIX (Beside SAT: Corner of St-Laurent and René-Lévesque Blvds.)
Editor-in-Chief: Sophie Le-Phat Ho

Issue 17 of .dpi is the second issue in a three-part series focusing on the theme of resistance. “Adherence: Messy Resistance” invites readers to focus on the relationship between resistance and adherence via the tricked concept of adherence_resistance. This conceptual intervention attempts to bring us beyond a critical analysis based on duality towards an approach, at once philosophical and artistic, that exposes possible grips in the different contemporary entanglements of power. Adherence_resistance is an ongoing process (of everyday life); a way of doing, of work to be done at every level (at all times). In this issue of .dpi, the contributors shed light on a variety of practices that find their subversiveness in their singular intimacy with institutions and slippery structures of power.

WochenKlausur: When Art Becomes Social Change | by Heather Davis
Western Frontier: Kate Craig and Radicalism in Canadian Video Art | by Dorothy June Fraser
Se jouer des corps pour se parer de liberté : Du bijou contemporain comme espace de normativité | by Alexandre Klein
“Refresh”: Kristin Lucas on The Multiplicity of the Self Conversation | with Kristin Lucas and Marisa Jahn

Contrainte/Restraint ou en quoi/à quoi certaines pratiques en arts médiatiques du Brésil et du Pérou résistent-elles? | by Nathalie Bachand
Il n’y a plus rien d’innocent | by Albertine Bouquet
Restaurer l’éphémère, transmettre la révolte : Rencontre avec Maria Klonaris et Katerina Thomadaki | by Émilie Houssa