.dpi 18 Launch: Resistance-Violence


Editor-in-Chief: Tania Perlini

.dpi 18 is the third and last issue in a three-part series focusing on the theme of resistance. This issue examines the controversial status of violence in the arts. While addressing various artistic practices, the contributors of this issue do not hesitate to question the potential effectiveness of violence as artistic matter and as resistance strategy, and to propose alternate forms of resistance to violence. In addition to its social, political and moral dimensions, this issue invites readers to examine the aesthetic properties of violence, while questioning its impact on the evaluation of a work’s potential artistic value: may artistic merit accommodate fictive and/or real representations of violence?

Surface Violence: Pamela Masik’s The Forgotten | by Amber Berson
All Too Human: A Critical Examination of Portraiture, Representation and Motivations in Jenn Ackerman’s Photojournalistic Series Trapped: Mental Illness in America’s Prisons | by Olivia C. Pipe

Project Femme codées: The “burqua mini-skirt,” how to resist? | by Arkadi Lavoie Lachapelle
The Confinement of Elisabeth | by Albertine Bouquet
“In the Studio”: Take Care of Yourself – A Conversation with Social Practitioner Lori Gilbert | by Mel Mundell

New Media Artwork:
shot/silence | by Erin Sexton