Fading Fables (Zar-Afshun) | Naghmeh Sharifi


Residency from August 23rd to October 18th, 2022
At Ada X

Naghmeh Sharifi’s residency project, Fading Fables (Zar-Afshun), is an audio-visual installation inspired by an old Iranian fairytale told to Sharifi by her grandmother as a bedtime story during the Iran-Iraq War. This tradition of oral storytelling has been one of the sole means of passing down old fairytales and fables from one generation to the next. Sharifi’s grandmother, like many other women of her generation, lived within a male-dominated society. While denied many rights, she played a key role in preserving these stories and ensuring their survival. Fading Fables will bring together Sharifi’s late grandmother’s narration and the artist’s animated illustrations. With this project, Sharifi highlights the role women have played in preserving oral storytelling traditions and exercises her own agency by creating the representation she, and other young girls, lacked in post-revolutionary Iran.