Femmes br@nchées #35 :: Solidarity Celebration/ International Women’s Day


Five community workers from different Montreal women’s groups came together to learn how to design and construct an on-line activist campaign. They chose as a theme disobedience. This campaign was officially launched on this occasion. Nicole Nepton who taught the workshop and edited the campaign animated a discussion about the process.

Video — Participation civique des femmes noires
The Knowledge Lab is a women’s community action group based in Côtes des Neiges, an area of Montreal that has a large population of recent immigrants to Quebec. They presented their video “Participation civique des femmes noires”, a work that began during the World March of Women against Poverty and Violence. Antonia Sealy from The Knowledge Lab introduced both the video and the organization.

Ivisit — Hello, hello?
Using Ivisit freeware, multi-disciplinary artist and Studio XX president Katherine Liberovskaya presented a virtual women’s room that was set up for the week of March 8. Here, women could offer wishes of solidarity to other women around the world.