HTMlles 2010, ninth edition of Festival of Media Art and Digital Culture.

Theme: <home> </land>

As we resist – or converge with – a globally interconnected future, is it relevant to define our origins and explore common values?

Can we have more than one <home> </land> at any given time, or no <home> </land> at all? Whose rights are recognized in what homelands?

As a nation, how do we imagine new forms of connection to expand our parameters of citizenship, identity, language and our understandings of democracy and interactive communities?

What defines a place of belonging? When and how do we belong? How do we create a secure home and when is it time to leave it?

What role do Open Source methodologies (F/LOSS) and digital technologies play in creating a sustainable future? What do digital technologies reveal about the state of the natural world and our perception of landscape?

From IMAX to the Canadarm, to Softimage, MotionBuilder, Maya and the BlackBerry, Canada’s technological innovations have changed the world. Inspired by Canada’s role within a worldwide context, HTMlles 2010 focuses on the work of Canadian/Quebec-based creators, exploring concepts of <home> and </land>.