Off-Script: Technologies and Tactics of Feminist Errancy

Sunday November 4th and Monday November, 5th
8:30 am – 7 pm
At the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (IGSF)

“Off-Script: Technologies and Tactics of Feminist Errancy ” is a two-day conference Nov. 4-6 featuring emerging and established scholars as well as leading artists in the fields of gender, sexuality and feminist approaches to networks of community, digital technologies and social inclusion and exclusion.Everywhere we turn, feminist activism is targeting bad behaviour and creating new networks of community through digital technology and through navigating the expanded fields of social media, the 24 news cycle and the potential of new networks of action. Campaigns and hashtags such as #MeToo, #TimesUp, #SayHerName and #NiUnaMenos, campus protests, live feeds, sousveillance, and spreadsheets of predators have demonstrated the power of technology to boosts the signals of whisper networks of support, knowledge exchange, and warnings into new spheres. In the lead up to that conference, we will be sharing perspectives and responses to the current events responding to demands for respect, autonomy, acknowledgement and change. This week, Professor Natalie Oswin looks at the recent testimony and treatment of Christine Blasey Ford to consider “how we might learn from this event as we go about our everyday work within the academy. The academy is a vital site for social justice work in these deeply troubling times, and we must strive to make it a place where we can do justice for and with survivors of sexual assault and other forms of assault and aggression, like Dr. Ford, Dr. Anita Hill, and countless others.”

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