Participate in TECH TECH TECH: ethical alternatives to digital giants

Ada X is launching TECH TECH TECH : ethical alternatives to tech giants. With researchers Liane Décary-Chen and Sarah Choukah, and Ada X team members, we’re getting started with a series of trials, errors, and (hopefully) discoveries.

TECH TECH TECH exists because we want to use feminist digital tools and platforms. But it’s hard to do : most of us don’t have the time or resources to quit Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and the conveniences they provide.

Our goal is to get started and help others do the same. We’re looking for self-determination, respect, and sustainability. We know there are a lot of artist-run centres, arts non-profits, and community arts groups that want this too. Are you one of them?

Fill out this 5-minute survey to have your say in our research and events this year. Sign up for updates at this link.

How can you get involved?

CO-RESEARCHERS – Are you a feminist, queer, BIPOC, trans, non-binary, disabled, or otherwise marginalized cultural worker or organizer? We want to help you work and organize this year on platforms that serve your needs. Join a small cohort doing paid ($50/hr) research and consultation sessions with us. Write to if you’re interested.

CURIOUS DROP INS – Most weeks you will be able to connect with Liane and Sarah via this link (access code: 265528) during their office hours ~ Thursdays 11 am – 12:30 pm ~ if you want to hear about their ongoing research, ask a question, or share some ideas.

ATTENDEES – We’ll be hosting 4 virtual events this year to share our research and workshop some of the best tools we’ve found so far. The first one will be on Tuesday May 25 2021. Mark your calendars!