The fitfull sleeper | Rickie Lea Owens


Young inter-disciplinary artist, Rickie Lea Owens adores blending ‘craftsmanship’ with electronic elements. She will used her residency to produce an interactive installation.

Project Description:
The Fitfull Sleeper is an animated projected installation piece that will progress along a narrative with increasing audience participation. In its beginning and static state, it appears to be simply a looped animation of a person sleeping. Using microphones to pick up noise made by people watching the sleeper, a Pure Data program will sort the different frequencies and volumes being created in the installation space. This data will in turn set the animated projection of the sleeper off on different paths of animation loops, signalling to the audience an interactivity between themselves and the projection of the sleeper. If they choose to increase their efforts, they will eventually lead themselves through to the finale: awakening the sleeper.

During the last years, Rickie Lea Owens has produced short animated films and created interactive machines and electronic circuits. She is trained in animation and integrated media (degree in Integrated Media from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, 2005) and as an arts educator. Rickie loves to help people turn their life experience into art. She is the co-producer of HYMN VIDEO ZINE and is currently working on the 7th volume: The Juvenilia Sigue.