Wired Women S@lon 92: HTMlles 10 + Labsessions + .dpi 24



In collaboration with the SAT

Artists Presentations + launch

Friday October 5, 2012, 7PM

4001, Berri (corner Duluth) space 201
Admission: $5, *FREE* for members.
Refreshments will be served.

Studio XX is proud to open its cultural season inviting you to our first 2012-13 Wired Women Salon ! This special edition will be an introduction to The HTMlles Festival, which will take place November 10 to 18, 2012. At this occasion, in collaboration with the SAT, Studio XX is presenting the third edition of Labsessions, inspired by the HTMlles 10 theme, RISKY BUSINESS. Participating organizations for the evening: the SAT, the CQAM, PRIM, Elektra, OBORO, la Fonderie Darling, Eastern Bloc, NT2 and Agence TOPO.

Selected artists who will be presenting their projects are:

Koby Rogers Hall + Frederic Biron Carmel[(Pre)]occupations: the living archives of Occupy Montreal

Audiotopie / Yannick GuéguenNuages/Clouds

Anne GoldenbergWorking Still/Still Working

Teoma NaccaratoExperience #1167

Initiated by la SAT, in collaboration with le Conseil québécois des arts médiatiques (CQAM), the Labsession gatherings aim to provide a showcase as well as a springboard for emerging artists in digital art, media arts or who have a multidisciplinary approach. The goal of these evenings is to invite the community of creators to submit their projects for which they’d like to produce and receive support from the community. Submitted projects can be at conceptual, distribution or in the course of being produced. The Sessions are also a place of exchange and sharing for artists and organizations in the milieu.

As part of the third Labsessions, we have also launched a special call to self-identifying women, trans or gender non-conforming artists of all origins to submit their project for the 10th edition of The HTMlles, RISKY BUSINESS which will take place from November 10-18th 2012. The selected projects could be presented at the SAT as part of the closing event of The HTMlles.

As part of The HTMlles 10: additional calls:

“Emergence: Opinions” Video Competition (October 8th).


Results from Labsessions #3

The participating artists pitched their projects, benefiting from a professional showcase with the possibility of obtaining support from artist-run center partners. Impressed by the quality of the work proposed, the centers have offered the creators the following:

Each artist is offered a CQAM membership.

PRIM (Productions Réalisations Indépendantes de Montréal)
Teoma Naccarato is offered access to PRIM’s production equipment as well as a 1 year membership.

Each artist is offered a pass to the May 2013 edition of Elektra; Yannick Guéguen is offered the opportunity to present and promote his project, Nuages/Clouds, at the May 2013 edition of Elektra.

Société des arts technologiques [SAT]
Koby Rogers Hall and Frédéric Biron are offered a free workshop within the SAT Transform courses.

Studio XX
Each artist is offered  a free 1-year Studio XX membership.

Eastern Bloc
Each artist is offered a 1-month subscription to the Eastern Bloc media Lab.

Anne Goldenberg is offered a Web consultation.

Teoma Naccarato is offered a 2-hour consultation with Aaron Pollard, of Oboro’s multimedia section.

Congratulations to all the participants and thanks to the artist-run center partners! For more information regarding the Labsessions, contact “labsessions at sat.qc.ca”.