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July 10, 1996

Titre forgé : XX Files July 10/96

One of the initial shows, this broadcast begins to define what the show is and what Studio XX is all about. Description of the basic computer-skill workshops offered at XX. Brief talk on the “FIDO blimp” in the sky. Guest Joya Balfour & her Techno Question of the week: Usenet vs Mailing lists: which is better & for what? Joya explains what UseNet is and what it’s used for & using newsgroups within UseNet. Explains what is a “lurker” in online groups, and what is an “online flame”, demystifies mailing list pros and cons and how to find and join them. Also, the XXFiles Web picks of the week: HIV/AIDS related web sites, AIDS conference in Vancouver, accessing abstracts of conference papers online. Plus, recording of Sherie Zurgnik “What is Studio XX for me?”.

Support: Audio cassette
Physical Description: TDK D60 8mm
Archivist's Note Musique: Pièce intégrale par Frances Dyson "When The Bodies Drop, part 1" , "Highways To Virtuality, part 2" , extraits musicaux par Paul Rapaport "A Study in Fives" , The Maasia Women's Beatmaking Day x 2 Tech: Deb Van Slet

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