Claiming the night [public presentation]


Claiming the night [public presentation]
Sunday August 14th at 7:30pm
At Parc La Fontaine. Meet at the tables in front of Art neuf (3819 Av. Calixa-Lavallée, Montreal, QC H2L 3A7)

How do we listen collectively? How can we map our gendered and particular experiences of place, and specifically of walking at night, through storytelling? And what do those stories tell us about the ways we relate to our surroundings?

Join Amanda Gutiérrez and the participants to the workshop Claiming the night: an AR sound workshop on walking after dusk for a public presentation of the work they’ve done. During this workshop, participants were able to earn more about mapping, augmented reality, attentive listening, storytelling, and the links between them. During this public presentation, they will share recorded stories and a collective sound design during a soundwalk open to the public!

Register at this link.

Photo credit: Alexis Bellavance