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Hot & spiced wine
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Classic red&green mini sandwiches (!)
Homebaked Christmas log


Kinga Araya
An overview of her work
Kinga Araya is a conceptual artist and scholar who lives in Montreal. Her interdisciplinary artwork (video, performance and installation art) investigates the phenomenon of walking and talking in-between different languages, countries, and cultures. Her critical research examines walking art performances conceptualized as exilic works of art. She holds two BFAs in Studio and Art History with Italian Literature minor (University of Ottawa), an MFA (York University) and a doctoral degree in the Special Individualized Program in Studio Arts and Critical Theory (Concordia University).

Chantal Dumas
Chantal Dumas uses sound to explore new possibilities for narration. Since 1993 she has been conceiving and producing works for radio as a freelance writer; her “stories” have been heard on public radio and at festivals in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. She is also active in musical improvisation. She has played with writer-performer Geneviève Letarte, Danielle Palardy Roger, the Grand Orchestre d’Avatar, and Vancouver’s The View. She has received a number of grants and received awards for her 1997 collection of sound novellas Le parfum des femmes and her 2001 “radio roadmovie” Le petit homme dans l’oreille.

Rosalie Dumont Gagné
« Murmures Internes: Projet en cours »
Rosalie D. Gagné est née à Québec en 1974. Son travail conjugant la sculpture et l’installation à été présenté au Québec, au Mexique et en Finlande. Elle vit présentement à Montréal où elle complète une maîtrise en arts visuels à l’Université Concordia. Ell reçoit l’appui du CIAM pour la réalisation de son projet “Murmures Internes.”

Ying Gao
« Vêtements intelligents et nouveaux matériaux »
Ying Gao est Professeure à l’école de mode de l’UQAM. Créatrice de mode, doctorante en Études et pratiques des arts, elle s’intérresse au phénomène du vêtement intelligent.

Karen Hibbard
« Fétischisant la domestique / Fetishizing the domestic »
Pudenda project: http://www.cuckoografik.org/pudenda/
Upcoming project (Spring 2006): http://www.karenhibbard.com/feticheweb/
Karen Hibbard is a visual artist/illustrator/writer living and working in Montréal. In 2005, she was part of a show called “art ludique et engage” at La Maison de la Culture (Parc X). She produces projects in media arts, printmaking and installation around gender issues and themes of belonging using her trademark sense of humour. She is part of various public and private collections and has participated in artist residencies at Banff, Pouch Cove, Québec City and St. Jean-Port Joli. Currently she is an artist board member at Studio XX.

Sunhye Hwang
« Cul-de-sacs of Nostalgia »
Sunhye Hwang is currently pursuing her MFA degree in Sculpture at Concordia University after having returned from her 8-months of research-study-travels in Seoul in 2004. She thinks a lot about traveling, space, place, nostalgia, belonging and family- as well as daydreaming about tree houses and colored lakes.

Patricia Kearns
« 5 minutes du stress »
CitizenShift: http://www.citizen.nfb.ca
Parole citoyenne: http://www.citoyen.onf.ca
Montreal-based Patricia Kearns has directed the acclaimed experimental documentaries If the Family Fits (about the family values agenda) and Choir Girls. Her most recent film, XS Stress is a teen guide to surviving adolescence. She is a founding member of Montreal’s Image + Nation Film Festival and Studio XX. Currently she is working with the NFB on CitizenShift, a website dedicated to citizen engagement and social change.

Maria Legault
« Maria Plus One »
blog: www.pmgallery.ca/
Free Sugar: http://www.vtapedigital.org/maria/
Maria Legault is an inter-disciplinary artist who has hidden in clouds of cotton candy, covered her face in bubble gum and licked chocolate off camera lenses. She holds a B.F.A. from Concordia University and an M.F.A. from the University of Guelph. Her performances, videos and installations have been shown nationally and internationally. She recently was granted the Emerging Artist award at the Untiled Art Awards in Toronto. She currently lives in Canada where she eats too much sugar and makes art sometimes.

Marie-Héllène Lemay
« The Circle Game »
Elle aime croire aux histoires précisément parce qu’elles ne sont pas vraies. Elle s’intéresse aux limites qu’imposent la narration. Formée en architecture, elle poursuit présentement des études en littérature comparée. Elle s’appelle Marie-Héllène Lemay.

tats (Jean-Sébastien Sénécal)
« Présentation de l’oeuvre d’art logiciel CHARACTERS »
Projet Characters: http://characters.tats.name
tats possède une éducation de deuxième cycle en mathématiques et en informatique, avec une spécialisation en intelligence artificielle. Au cours de la dernière année, elle a pris part à de multiples événements culturels collectifs. Elle développe depuis peu une pratique indépendante qui se manifeste, du point de vue formel, à travers l’algorithmie et l’interactivité; de nature exploratoire, elle aborde le lien intime qui existe entre la technologie, l’identité et la communication.

Deborah VanSlet
« Rules of the Road »
Deborah VanSlet is a Montreal video artist who is primarily interested in the social relevance of art. Her work is based on the tradition of storytelling and she has been strongly influenced by her years of travel and her role as a mother. As well as performing on camera, she has also developed a movement style behind the camera, shooting on-site dance videos and exploring storytelling through movement.