Love Songs to Failure


Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
7 pm – 8 pm
At Studio 303

Artist: Nina Vroemen + Alejandro Sajgalik

“Let’s just be friends” is typically the chorus of failed love. But for Sajgalik and Vroemen, this statement is the source! They are redefining the love song as something that doesn’t limit itself to normative romance, allowing it to become an ode to failure. Unlike romantic relationships, friendship thrives with autonomy and creating space. Like unproductive infrastructure, the place that friendship inhabits is open-ended, undefined with potential. For the performance, recorded memories are remixed with projections, movement, and live musical improvisation.The work aims to create love songs that celebrate friendship as a radical alliance. Opening up the imagination to what becomes possible when romance loses its hegemony.

Image: courtesy of the artists