Salon Femmes br@nchées #40 :: Science Fair: Feminist Configurations in Cyberspace


Launch of Science Fair, developed in partnership with Studio XX and the Daniel Langlois Foundation, a project featuring original Web artworks by eight artists: Ingrid Bachman, Nicole Jolicoeur, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Valérie Lamontagne, Barbara Layne, Lynne Marsh, Barbara McGill Balfour and Stephanie Shepherd.

The original Web artwork propose a variety of themes: Bachman discovers and unveils the system of information dissemination through research on the social habits of hermit crabs; Jolicoeur explores the dissolution of the subject linked to the phenomena of trance with reference to the Balinese sorceress, Rangda; Lafortune directs two singers from different generations and cultures who serenade a mysterious women; Lamontagne offers an analysis on the representation of homes of the future as depicted through popular media; Layne combines a collection of images from the past with contemporary urban stories; Marsh uses images compiled from actual satellite photographs juxtaposed with sound samples to offer a journey into unknown territory; Balfour and Shepherd take a behind-the-scenes look at fictional research, written from the point of view of a woman scientist.

An historical timeline, also developed for the project, chronicles the involvement of women in science and technology from 4000 BC to present day. It was produced by Lorraine Oades and Philippe Blanchard, designer and programmer.