Collectif Torrents

The mission of the interdisciplinary arts collective Torrents is to create sensitive works that question heritage and explore how our memory anchors us in the past, present, and future. Despite the diverse paths that have brought us to Tiotià:ke/Mooniyang/Montreal, we carry complementary inquiries about identity in our practices. By converging these inquiries, we aim to create experiences that transcend our individual narratives.

Visual artist Laura Criollo-Carrillo explores the ephemeral and eternal nature of memory and existence. Her work focuses on capturing and representing phenomena imperceptible to human senses, aiming to evoke a poetic reflection on the possibilities and limitations of human perception. She is also interested in how, through these phenomena, we form a sense of belonging to the tangible world.

Poet Fiorella Boucher often incorporates words or phrases in the Guarani language into the core of her texts. Her writing serves as an act of reappropriation of her identity in a colonial and migratory context, articulating memory as both resistance to the erasure of her indigeneity and an aesthetic of care.

Musician An Laurence 安媛 combines abrasive textures with soft, lingering sounds and melodies, creating nostalgic atmospheres evocative of resilience. Her narrative work, “Approchez, je vous raconterai ce que j’ai oublié” (Come closer, I will tell you what I have forgotten), generates speculative pasts to address the absence of information about her pre-adoption experiences, a common aspect of the transnational adoptee experience.