Maude Veilleux

Maude Veilleux is originally from the Beauce region. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies from Université Laval, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in French Literature at Université de Montréal.

Interested in writing about the intimate, Maude Veilleux addresses in her work the issues of social media, self-writing and narrative identity. Her work includes two novels, Le Vertige des insectes (2013) and Prague (2016), as well as two collections of poetry, Les Choses de l’amour à marde (2013) and Last call les morènes (2016). She has also written fanzines, including Les Filles de la Beauce and Automne ton cul. In 2018, she published a web novel entitled frankie et alex – black lake – super now.

Her performance work has been presented in several venues and festivals such as Le Lieu, the Darling Foundry, OFFTA and RIAP. Her current research focuses on solitude, communication and the creation of a sense of community.