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The ffiles (fka XX Files) is an intersectional feminist media collective grounded in community radio. Through innovative programming, the collective produces work that explores our current technological landscape in the broadest sense. Their work reflects an interest in themes that center around but are not limited to transmission practices, sound healing, electronic music discourse, noise, techno-feminisms, the voice, and much more.

The collective hosts a weekly radio show on CKUT 90.3 FM every Wednesday at 11:30 AM EST, as well as a monthly show on Montreal’s N10.AS. They also program and present live audio-visual performances, artist talks, pirate radio installations and DJ sets.

The ffiles is committed to validating and disseminating the voices and work of artists who face systemic barriers as a result of their race, sexuality, gender, lifestyle, class, ability. Through their programming, the collective seeks to create space for marginalized artists within the local scene, while mindfully trying to resist processes of tokenization and commodification in their efforts to participate in and contribute to anti-oppressive community networks.

Started by Deborah VanSlet and Kathy Kennedy, The ffiles first aired in 1996. In 1997, Valérie d. Walker joined the show that she will fuel for over 16 years along with co-hosts Anita Cotic, Bérengère Marin-Dubuard. In 2010, she welcomed Britt Wray. In 2011, the co-hosts Maia Iotzova and Maya Richman, and in 2014, Stéphanie Dufresne, aka Fanie de la Fresne, Amanda-É. Clément and Nnedimma Nnebe, aka The Urban Dweller.

The current team is composed of Julia DyckAmanda HarveyMiranda JonesSophy Merizzi and Sophie Marisol. To learn more about the history of the ffileslisten here.

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Consulter « 2015PRM31624O »

(Bilingual show) 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens. Introducing the fifteenth year of Art Matters, a student-run festival taking place yearly at Concordia University. Two guests, who have come to the studio to discuss an exhibition, are introduced: Laurence Beaudoin Morin, the curator of the Oppression Aesthetics exposition, and Catherine Fournier-Poirier, who is on the executive committee of the Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) and who got involved in Laurence’s show. Laurence explains the idea behind Oppression Aesthetics and that the artists approach gender, feminism, cultural identities and environmentalism through various media. She explains the process of creating an exhibit as far as being a curator. Catherine explains her roles in events and the process of educating people about austerity in preparation for upcoming protests. She also explains austerity and the problems and hypocrisy behind the Couillard government. They discuss the intention behind the exposition and events as well as briefly describing some of the artworks. There is a discussion on what oppression means and what forms it come. This is followed by the various ways the fight against austerity is relevant and important.


Consulter « 2015PRM31623O »

Announcing upcoming events, discussing the negative aspects of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche. An interview with Dr. Valérie Orsat, the chair of the Bioresource Engineering Department at McGill University, in which they talk about gender and science. Dr. Orsat describes the many steps she took before becoming a professor at McGill. They discuss her undergraduate and graduate experience at McGill as one of the few women in the agricultural engineering program. Dr. Orsat discusses gender roles influencing people’s abilities within the program. Urban Dweller reflects upon the efforts made by McGill University to promote diversity on all fronts. They discuss the gender diversity specifically in the bioresource engineering program and the appeal it may have for women, role models, the reason for the decreased number of women in graduate and PhD programs, equality among the challenges encountered by female and male doctors on the field, sacrifices made by women who choose to have children and Dr. Orsat’s personal experiences.


Consulter « 2015PRM31618O »

XX Files radio show. Talking about people in Vancouver who complain about the cold. Introduction of everyone present in the studio,descriptions of what people are wearing to keep warm, bikers being macho and the winter weather in general. Wild City Mapping, a project to map the wild green spaces in Montreal. Maia Iotzova, one of the collective’s founding members, talks about the project in preparation for the launch at a Studio XX Wired Women Salon on February 27th, 7pm. Explaining knit graffiti (or yarn-bombing) and the programming-loving programmer. A short segment of different things the collective were working on during the year (bilingual, cuts out briefly during an interview).


Consulter « 2015PRM31611O »

XX Files radio show. An introduction to the concept of ASMR and its community. An interview with Natalie Zina Walschots (working on PhD in humanities TAG program at Concordia) on her experience in earning a degree and the ASMR phenomenon, its effects and dedicated online communities.


Consulter « 2015PRM31612O »

XX Files radio show. 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens, light chit-chat about winter weather and Groundhog Day. An interview with Skot Deeming, Kalervo Sinervo and Carolyn Jong, curators of Salon Ludique 3  : Dreams, on the subject of the Salon, digital games and dreaming and the musical artist YlangYlang.


Consulter « 2015PRM31613O »

XX Files radio show. Talking about winter and air quality. An interview with Aaron Pollard about the Stereoscopy : history, theory, artisianal practices workshop at Oboro given by Yves Bourgeois, followed by a discussion of 3D and stereoscopic devices. Some random live code sounds recorded from the Sonic Pi workshop given by Martin Zeilinger and an explanation of the origins of the sound. Announcement and story behind the Out In The Night by Cinema Politica and other events for Black History Month. Furthering the Urban Dwellers conversation with Evan, talking about mansplaining and being spoken down to.


Consulter « 2015PRM31614O »

XX Files radio show. Brief conversation about the cold and frozen pipes at FACE school. Listing events happening for art anniversaries, namely at TAG at Concordia’s live coding workshop, followed by an explanation of coding and music. Introduction of Urban Dweller’s series, beginning with an interview with Evan Henry, a member of the ‘Bee Club’ at MacDonald campus. This first piece, called Evan’s Bees, they talk about gender dynamics within honey bee hives and the differences between people in the science field, depending on race and gender.


Consulter « 2015PRM31615O »

XX Files radio show. Warnings about very poor weather quality. Introduction to this and future shows which will feature content created through the HTMlles and Afrofuturistic experiences for Black History Month. An interview with Sharrae Lion conducted by Steph during the the Afrofuturism round table for the HTMlles festival, in which Sharrae shares her definition of Afrofuturism and discusses her Alien Nation project. She discusses alienation, which transcends various elements, and the correlation with migration and the focus on internal power. The hosts and Sharrae give their impressions of what an alien nation would consist of. Sharrae concludes with her vision of the future. The show ends with the beginning of Gaia’s Awakening, part of Sharrae’s project.


Consulter « 2015PRM31616O »

XX Files radio show. Talking about the cold weather, global warming and driving in the snow. Announcing upcoming events in Montreal. A slice of a Shirin Neshat conference that she gave on the 28th of November in which she discusses her artwork and breaking free from cultural specificities. She discusses her surrealist influences such as Man Ray and Jean Cocteau and criticisms of her work.


Consulter « 2014PRM31617O »

XX Files radio show. New Year’s Eve day special. Stephanie Loveless’ Cricket, Tree, Crow, based on an immersive soundpiece that she did during her residency at Studio XX. The show ends on a segment where they discuss the warm (winter) weather, followed by music.


Consulter « 2014PRM31670O »

Émission XX Files Radio du 17 décembre 2014. Entretient avec Amanda qui présente le projet Femmes Branchées 105
XX Files Radio show of December 17, 2014 with Amanda who present the Femmes Brachées 105 project.
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Consulter « 2014PRM31671O »

Émission XX Files Radio du 10 décembre 2014. Entretient avec l’artiste Corset Lore, PartyTime et Hexcellent
XX Files Radio show of December 10, 2014. Interview with the artist Corset Lore, PartyTime and Hexcellent


Consulter « 2014PRM31672O »

Émission XX Files Radio du 03 décembre 2014. Salon Ludique #2
XX Files Radio show of December 03, 2014. Salon Ludique #2


Consulter « 2014PRM31673O »

Émission XX Files Radio du 26 novembre 2014. Retour sur le festival des HTMlles 11
XX Files Radio Show of november 26, 2014. Return on the HTMlles 11 festival.