GHOST – Josée Brouillard

GHOST addresses the theme of rupture, the line where the break is located, the end of the cycle, the suspended temporal zone that belongs neither to the before nor the after. A break is marked not only by absence and physical distance, but also by mental space. “Ghosting” is not without consequences. It leaves a trace, a halo, a black light… questions. We discover the answers by wandering through memories, clues, and bits of information that can’t repair the shattered ego.

Conceived in the post-pandemic context, the Allo Ada project enabled 8 artists and a collective to integrate and adapt their work on the XR Mozilla Hubs mixed reality web platform, with the help of LouisTB, Anna Eyler and Jules Galbraith. This platform enables Ada X to develop educational activities that bring the universe of each artist to a public and a formula adapted to its context.

Allo Ada is a virtual space for discovering, animating and meeting artists created by Ada X on the XR Mozilla Hub Web reality platform, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.