what’s brewing in the corners – Anne-F Jacques


Small constructions of swarming, chaotic, chattering objects: a soft silicone tube, light bulbs rolling around on the floor, a rubber band here and there… in the corners of a room both too real and out of proportion. Find your bearings / become disoriented by the obstinate activity of these objects. what’s brewing in the corners is a journey through the video and sound documentation of the artist’s 2021 residency project at the Maison Pierre Chartrand in Rivière-des-Prairies. We’re transported into a house, where we can operate the various installations, creating a new composition that evolves with our movements, thanks to spatialized sound.

Conceived in the post-pandemic context, the Allo Ada project enabled 8 artists and a collective to integrate and adapt their work on the XR Mozilla Hubs mixed reality web platform, with the help of LouisTB, Anna Eyler and Jules Galbraith. This platform enables Ada X to develop educational activities that bring the universe of each artist to a public and a formula adapted to its context.

Allo Ada is a virtual space for discovering, animating and meeting artists created by Ada X on the XR Mozilla Hub Web reality platform, with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.