Wired Women S@lon 86: Lorraine Oades + .dpi 22


Finissage + Artist Presentation + Launch

Thursday, November 24, 2011
4001, Berri Street (corner Duluth) space 201
Admission: $5, *FREE* for members
Hors d’œuvres and refreshments will be served

To inaugurate the Studio’s new exhibition/gallery space, we are pleased to host the work of Lorraine Oades from October 22 to November 25, 2011. Lorraine Oades’s sculpture/installation works incorporate time-based media such as sound, video and film in order to invite viewers to engage physically with the work and explore their own creative potential.

.dpi 22 Launch: Free Culture:
In parallel with campaigns lead by top cultural industry players to fight against pirating, a vast artist movement has been forming on the web in recent years to defend the idea of free culture. These artists replace copyright with copyleft. Their praise for copyleft rests on the idea that copyright has constrained the circulation of cultural works strictly for economic reasons. Free culture advocates defend the belief that culture should instead be distributed by the community and to the community at large. Free culture represents the notion of a sharable culture. How does the idea of free culture get organised, what are its manifestations, its impacts?

Anne Goldenberg: Guest Editor-in-Chief no 22
Nancy Mauro-Flude: Circe’s New Equipment: nomadic thinking
Britt Wray: Art, design and democracy in open-source synthetic biology
Aymeric Mansoux: Art as free culture
Dragana Zarevska + Jasna Dimitrovska: Freedom praxis: The Lele Method and other stories

Sarah Boothroyd: Power and Freedom
Pascale Gustin: 857 clusters

.dpi: La revue électronique du Studio XX