Nancy Mauro-Flude

Nancy Mauro-Flude’s work consists of 4D performances and installations investigating machine theatre and narratives of digital processes. Her research bends in from our complex mortal world into the virtual dark and back again. As an artist working with and developing FLOSS tools and electronics, her work is exhibited and presented globally in Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia. She is an alumna of DasArts: Advanced Institute for Performing Arts Amsterdam. In 2007, she was awarded an MFA in Media Design, Piet Zwart Inst. Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, and an honorary fellowship in Electronic Media at Slade School of Art. After founding Moddr_art lab in 2008 and being an artist-in-residence at SUBOTRON (MuseumsQuartier, Vienna), she returned to Tasmania to establish ‘Miss Despoina’s’ feminist media lab and production space. She is international currency officer for Dyne freesoftware foundry and is a PhD candidate at the Tasmanian School of Art.