Espejismos / mirage | Torrents collective [residency presentation]


A blue- purple, pixelated image of a plant with a foresty shadowed background. The text reads, in french:

Residency presentation
Thursday April 25th, 2024
Doors at 3 PM
Artist talk at 7 PM
At Ada X, 4001 Berri, # 201
> The event is free and open to all
Snacks and drinks will be served as of 6:30 PM

If memories disintegrate, scatter, amalgamate and overlap, who are we? If identities fragment, recast and transform, who are we? When exile, uprooting, re-rooting, transnationality, when absence and presence in the world conjure up infinite sets of mirrors, who do we become? *

Come experience Espejismos / mirage, an audio-visual installation that explores the concepts of memory and legacy by fusing interactive technology, visual arts, poetry, storytelling, music and sound art created by the Torrents collective (Laura Criollo-Carrillo, Fiorella Boucher and An Laurence 安媛 ) during their residency at Ada X. Join us for an artist talk at 7pm moderated by poet, writer and editorial consultant, Catherine Poulin.


* Fata Morgana, written by Catherine Poulin (Artist residency text for Espejismos/mirage, Collective Torrents, available on April 25th 2024)