Espejismos / mirage | Torrents Collective


Residency from January 23 2024 until April 14 2024  
At Ada X

Espejismos / mirage is an installation project that fuses interactive technology, visual arts, poetry, storytelling, music and sound art. The project explores the concepts of memory and heritage, themes regularly addressed by the collective, both together and in their individual projects.

Considering that our identity goes beyond the individual and is shaped, among other things, by political events that impacted previous generations, as well as by global power dynamics, our family and cultural environments, we question what we would be, where we would be in other circumstances. Without colonization, armed conflicts, socio-political upheavals in the country of our ancestors, what would our reality be? Through creation, we propose to make “real” memories and speculative/invented memories coexist in order to imagine possible versions of our memories. We will bring these visions to life through poetry, video, visuals, sound art, music and storytelling. These convergent memories will be created from our desires, our family heirlooms, personal or public archival documents, or historical speculations. The process is similar to the notion of uchrony, exploring alternative histories.

This creation will allow us, on the one hand, to explore the fragility and subjectivity of memory, and on the other hand, to offer us the freedom to cross space and time, thus exploring various versions of ourselves . These versions will be juxtaposed with memories from our current journeys.