Studio XX, a women’s digital and media arts resource centre, presents the 5th edition of its cyberart festival, Maid in Cyberspace/Les Htmlles promising new discoveries from February 6 to10, with over 25 works, installations, performances, conferences and special presentations by women artists from as far away as Argentina, Australia, the United States and from here at home. This year, the Festival will have a presence in Quebec City for the first time in collaboration with LACHAMBRE BLANCHE, from February 9 to 10.

This year’s theme explores the Double, Multiple, Contamination and off screen’s extension of Cyberspace and proposes a reflection on the context of the Web as hybrid, plural and mixed spaces, issued from and anchored within specific histories and traditions.

Media artists now work more and more often in teams and must share their knowledge in such contexts. Coming from diverse backgrounds, their formal training is varied: visual arts, sciences, computers, communications, graphic design etc.

The resulting media art works demonstrate and expose these different influences and sources of inspiration. As such, this selection of innovative works from Canadian and international artists reflect these multiple avenues; cinematographic, contemplative, didactic and conceptual, among others.

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