Our program of artist residencies in research and creation are offered every year. Click here for information about the artist in residence call for proposals.


Radio Mapping | Janna Graham

1 December 2009

artist residency
During her residency at Studio XX, Janna Graham will continue to explore her work in immersive sound installation using a variety of transmission devices. Expanding her practice as a radio artist, Janna Graham is interested in creating surround sound audio installations in outdoor public spaces. Radio Mapping, an on-going project,… Read More

Psychic Capital | Jessica MacCormack

1 December 2009

artist residency
Late August, Studio XX welcomed artist Jessica MacCormack the 09/10 season’s first Artist in Residence. During her residency, Jessica will create an experimental animation called PSYCHIC CAPITAL. The soundtrack will be generated through collaboration with musician and sound artist Rae Spoon. The goal of this project is to combine experimental… Read More

The Audio Frenzy of Zoé T. | Martine H. Crispo

1 May 2009

artist residency
The Audio Frenzy of Zoé T. is an installation consisting of six ‘generators’ which use a graphic/luminosity process based on the ‘audio sound’ principle of the first films. A film (drawing) is inserted inside each of the six motor-activated generator-cylinders. Behind each drawing is placed a photoelectric cell which captures… Read More

The fitfull sleeper | Rickie Lea Owens

5 January 2009

artist residency
Young inter-disciplinary artist, Rickie Lea Owens adores blending ‘craftsmanship’ with electronic elements. She will used her residency to produce an interactive installation. Project Description: The Fitfull Sleeper is an animated projected installation piece that will progress along a narrative with increasing audience participation. In its beginning and static state,… Read More

Laberinto: la visite | Helena Martin Franco

27 October 2008

artist residency
Image © Helena Martin Franco, 2008 Montreal-based, Colombian-born artist Helena Martin Franco opens our season with her project entitled “Laberinto: The Visit” where her character, Heart, is put on stage in a series of cyber-performances. Her residency will allow her to put in place several “comunication” elements into this project. Read More

Expand or Contract the Universe | Constanza Camelo

4 March 2008

artist residency performance
In 2005, Constanza Camelo took the standard training course for the visually handicapped offered by the Mira Foundation. This instruction enabled her to discover the primary reflex mechanisms for getting around with a guide dog. She conceived the project Expand or Contract the Universe as a result of this experience. Read More

The Onion Router | Magali Babin

15 November 2007

artist residency
Dates: mid-november 2007 to end of January 2008 Length: 8 weeks Format: thematic residency Magali Babin is a well-known Montreal sound artist, admired for her delicate and minimalistic style. During her residency, Magali will set-up her technical playstation for a future audio and visual interactive performance, inspired by… Read More

Semamap | Alejandra Maria Perez Nunez

4 October 2007

artist residency
Semamap are visualisations of the relations between words inside texts. Following a technique called LSA Latent Semantics Analysis and using non commercial and open source softwares which assemble alternate semantic webbrowsers for querying content in a pool of texts. Glue scripts written in Python and SVG have been developed for… Read More


8 January 2007

artist residency
Kelly Andres TRUST.BETRAY.TRUST Date: 8 January 2007 Length: 8 weeks Format: virtual resident [Digital Communication as a Metaphor for my Social and Political Relationships] “Daily interactions will be conducted in collaboration with various machines; the laptop, webcam, radio, telephone, among others, and uploaded to the online… Read More

Tracing the Sharawadji | Andrea-Jane Cornell

16 November 2006

artist residency
Tracing the Sharawadji is an eight channel sound installation that seeks to elicit moments of beauty by recreating and mixing the ephemeral sonorities which resonate in the everyday soundscape along the CP train tracks that run north of the Mile End and Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhoods. The project takes an improvisational… Read More

le corps indice | Isabelle Choinière

14 September 2006

artist residency
Isabelle Choinière’s residence is about the development and perfecting of a sound-space process. The project’s goal is to connect the movement of sound with the choreographic concept that deals with the presence of the body as an interconnected human form. This form will be readable using a “live” interactive system,… Read More

recycleamour | Chantal duPont

4 January 2006

artist residency Dates: January 2006 Length : 8 weeks Format: interactive website Graphic Design: Patrick Bérubé The interactive website project was initiated in 2002 with the collaboration of Élisabeth Wörle and with funding support from Hexagram. The project goals were to develop a website to archive and… Read More