Our program of artist residencies in research and creation are offered every year. Click here for information about the artist in residence call for proposals.


Women Warriors | Rosa Mei

16 September 2013

artist residency
During her artist residency from September 16 to November 8, 2013, choreographer/director and professional martial artist Rosa Mei will produce WOMAN WARRIOR, a time-lapse journey of  female fighters from 3500BC to the 21st century. Using green screen compositing and keying effects, she will transpose her own martial arts moves onto… Read More

Lelacoders | Alexandra Haché

1 April 2013

artist residency
Studio XX is pleased to welcome artist Alexandra Haché during a virtual residency, which will take place from April 1 to May 26 2013. Lelacoders is a cyberfeminist research about women contribution to computer sciences, free software and hacker cultures. Women contributions have been little studied or made visible. Lelacoders’… Read More

crystalline domain | Erin Sexton

10 September 2012

artist residency
Studio XX is pleased to welcome artist  Erin Sexton between September 10th and November 2nd, 2012. For her residency at Studio XX this fall, Erin Sexton will create a multi-channel a/v installation entitled “crystalline domain”.  As a young girl she collected crystals, rocks, and gems, spending much time imagining all… Read More

Essaie – Poetics of the City | Taien Ng-Chan

16 April 2012

artist residency
Studio XX is pleased to welcome artist Taien 
Ng‐Chan between April 16th and June 9th 2012: “My proposal for a residency with the Matricules Project involves research to locate archives from Studio XX projects that deal with site-specific art and/or urban culture. As a research-based creation, the final results will… Read More

Mille mots valent une image | Cynthia Naggar

27 February 2012

artist residency
«Mille mots valent une image» is an interactive sound and visual installation. The typewriter, memorable technology from the 19th and 20th century, gets transformed into a recycled anachronism and now adapted to the modern times. The participants find themselves transported into the typewriter, bringing life to it and therefore change… Read More

becoming three creatures | Stephanie Loveless

9 January 2012

artist residency
Studio XX is pleased to welcome artist Stephanie Loveless between January 9th and March 2nd 2012. As part of her creative practice, Stephanie Loveless digitally transforms sound recordings, and vocally mimics the results, in an attempt to embody a variety of “others.” In 2009, she turned this method of vocal… Read More

857 clusters | Pascale Gustin

17 October 2011

artist residency
“857 clusters is an audiovisual poetry performance based on a text entitled « Vecteurs » and its extension towards multiple surfaces of code and linguistics. Slowness, precipitation, changing rhythm, agglomerates of textual atoms, letters or letter fragments: superimpositions of multiple audio and visual layers. Different surfaces collide with breaths, fragmented… Read More

Unfolding Sequences | Ima Picó

2 June 2011

artist residency exhibition presentation
Thursday, June 2, 2011 | 7 pm 4001, rue Berri (coin Duluth) espace 201 Métro Sherbrooke Information: 514.845.7934 Free admission for Studio XX members / 5,00$ for non-members Studio XX is proud to host the artist Ima Picó, for the presentation of Unfolding Sequences. The event… Read More

Audio/dislocation | Edith Normandeau

11 April 2011

artist residency
Studio XX continues its residency program 2010-2011 by welcoming the artist Edith Normandeau from April 11 to June 3, 2011. Her residency work will be presented September 22, 2011 at the Wired Women Salon 85. TITLE: « Audio/dislocation » Constructing sound situations in a satellite era! “Audio/dislocation” is an interactive… Read More

Inflatable Deities | Jessica Mensch + Emily Pelstring

10 January 2011

artist residency
Studio XX continues its 2010-2011 Residency Program by welcoming artists Jessica Mensch and Emily Pelstring from January 10 to March 4, 2011. Jessica and Emily work in various artistic forms including video, experimental film, sound, performance and installation art, painting and stereoscopic 3D animation. During their residency, they will collaborate… Read More

Cabinet de curiosités masculines | Pascale Barret

25 October 2010

artist residency
Studio XX launches its 2010-2011 Residency Program by welcoming independent international media artist Pascale Barret from October 25 to December 17, 2010. Pascale’s artistic practice focuses on the theme of gender representation within science-fiction and feminist digital networks – in relation to the writings of Donna Haraway – and examines… Read More

threads/ | audrey samson

7 January 2010

artist residency
Studio XX is pleased to welcome multimedia artist audrey samson as its third resident in its 2009-2010 Residency Program. audrey’s artistic practice focuses on promoting the exchange of technical skills between women and exploring the dramaturgical possibilities of remote realtime storytelling, concepts central to Studio XX’s core. Through her reactive… Read More