Our program of artist residencies in research and creation are offered every year. Click here for information about the artist in residence call for proposals.


outer space | Ayesha Hameed

14 September 2005

artist residency Dates: September 2005 Length : 8 weeks Format: interactive website Studio XX was proud to welcome Ayesha Hameed in its thematic residency program on Science fiction – or the reinvention of our time and space. outer space is a web-based project that look at the… Read More

a bird in the google | Deanne Achong

9 February 2005

artist residency Dates: February-March 2005 Length: 8 weeks Format: interactive website “A bird in the house means death in the house” — Do you know this superstition? Have any stories about it? Deanne Achong is an artist doing a research/web production project… Read More

Lies, lies, lies | Emily Hermant

29 November 2004

artist residency
Lies, lies, lies Dates: November, December 2004 and January 2005 Length: 8 weeks Format: interactive website Lies, lies, lies is an interactive website where viewers are invited to enter a virtual lying booth and submit their lies. Participant submissions will continually generate woven networks… Read More

I Dream Eye | Raylene Campbell

15 July 2004

artist residency
Open Residency Dates: mid-July to beginning of October, 2004 Length: 8 weeks Format: multimedia performance with accordion and interactive video The work of musician Raylene Campbell focuses on electroacoustic composition/performance and the exploration and creation of audio art. Raylene aims to explore all the possible techniques that… Read More

DIY : Brouillage cyprine | Sylvie Chénard

10 January 2004

artist residency
Thematic Residency: Do it Yourself Format: improvised and interactive multimedia performance and web creation From January to March 2004, Studio XX welcomes Sylvie Chénard for her thematic residency titled Do it Yourself. She questions different aspects of the cultural blur (brouillage), the liberation of women’s pleasure, and… Read More

Flatlandia | Amanda Ramos + Michelle Teran

5 July 2003

artist residency
Flatlandia is a database, gameboard and series of installations that link together the properties of images with the properties of spaces. Image spaces are either environments you cannot inhabit because they only function as an image (i.e. a storefront window) or conversely images that actually foster inhabitation (i.e. an interactive… Read More

EBA (Emotive Bio Algorhythm) | Tagny Duff

15 May 2003

artist residency
Located in the space between human and post-human is EBA, the emotive bio algorhythm. EBA is a remote living body controlled by people operating wireless technologies, computer interfaces, and surveillance mechanisms. Like a machine, the EBA body is programmed to perform tasks, and the user can virtually inhabit the body… Read More

La Boîte chinoise | Mercedes Perez Bergliaffa

15 February 2003

artist residency
Chinese Box Dates: February – March 2003 A visual artist from Argentina, Mercedes Perez Bergliaffa is involved in both art production and Art History research as they are related to social issues. She studied in Visual Arts and Art History at the National University of La Plata (UNLP),… Read More

re:dress | Christine Redfern

15 October 2002

artist residency
Communication and feminist theories converge in performances by four artists who use clothing to convey their ideas. Through text, technology, the body, dresses, sound and humour, the resulting works are a hybrid reflecting, revealing and re-inventing these two culturally defining sources. Artist living and working in Montreal, Christine Redfern is… Read More

Virus Corp | Tara Bethune-Leamen

1 October 2001

artist residency
Artist in residency at Studio XX in 2001, Tara Bethune-Leamen produced the web art piece Virus Corp, also presented at The HTMlles 5 festival in 2002. Virus Corp directly addresses the idea of contamination; its existence is based on imposing itself conceptually and visually on chosen sites and ‘contaminating’ them. Read More


1 May 2001

artist residency
Naomi Potter BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE 2001 “I am interested in web sites as a space to create a virtual memory bank, sort of a personal archive of experience and memory. Entitled between a rock and a hard place this web page will… Read More

CAMÉRA EN MAIN | Johanne Chagnon

17 January 2001

artist residency Date: 2000 Format: site web This project presents the first results of a photographic survey that questions the growing banalisation of our world, accentuated by the phenomenon of economic mondialisation. Meanwhile, using underground methods, there are groups of active individuals-wolfs. Archivist’s note: The exact dates… Read More